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The Leadership Snohomish County Program develops leaders for a lifetime by providing education and opportunities for people to strengthen our community.

Welcome our new Executive Director, Rob Harrahill


Rob Harrahill is a specialist in non-profit management and has a wealth of experience taking organizations to the next level.   His passion is working with volunteers.   As a consultant with Altruist Partners, and as Director of Advancement of several independent schools, Rob has more than 18 years of non-profit management experience.  He has most recently volunteered with 501 Commons to help the Monroe Public Schools Foundation and the Snohomish Senior Center. Rob is a Pacific Northwest native and resides in Lake Stevens where he has a small farm, horses and paddle boards. We are thrilled to have Rob on board with LSC!

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Our graduates are servant leaders, taking on a variety of significant issues and roles in our community for the next twenty or thirty years. The valuable lessons of leadership can be applied in any setting. Employers find our graduates valuable, often promoting them to employ their talents better on the job. 

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"I found I have a passion for community stewardship I never knew existed."

– Lynsey Gagnon
United Way of Snohomish County

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Amazing partnerships and advocates in our community makes LSC a success each year. Community Impact Project applications are now available.

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