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Leadership is reflected in many diverse ways. It is our goal to reflect that diversity in our class participants.

Leadership Snohomish County develops leaders for a lifetime, providing education and opportunities for people and organizations to strengthen our community.  In identifying quality candidates, we review each application carefully, looking for prior leadership achievement as well as leadership potential. Your unique qualities, initiative, experience, and desire all play a role in creating an engaged, enthusiastic class. 

Yes, you can teach leadership – and we know how to do it. No other program is specific to Snohomish County. We use a strong curriculum with practical facilitation, weave in hands-on experience, and foster valuable connections.

Nominations for 2017-18 will open Monday, January 11th


Which LSC program is the right fit for you?

Signature Program

The Signature Class is for professionals with some leadership experience in community roles, from varied career, educational, political, and cultural backgrounds, who are ready to explore local issues and leadership strategies to prepare for civic involvement. 

Young professionals PrograM

The Leadership Challenge Program is for young professionals who are able to dedicate time and energy to developing themselves for the betterment of the community. Our mission is to develop leaders for today and tomorrow, encouraging ongoing involvement in civic responsibilities.




Employers, alumni, and board members find and refer candidates in the community to attend our classes. Some people find us. We look for people who we believe will make a difference. We look across three sectors in the community – business, government, and non-profit– to ensure that we have a diverse group in each class. If you’re looking for an experience to stretch you personally and focus on your individual leadership development, you have found the program. Our classes do fill each year and we encourage early application. Applications are due by May 31st, interviews will be conducted during June, and notifications are made by July 1st.


Tuition is kept affordable through sponsorship and scholarship support. Most employers underwrite program tuition. Leadership Snohomish County has a limited amount of financial assistance available for eligible participants. 

"It gave me the opportunity to meet people I would not have met in different sectors."